How much do you know about gucci’s code on their products?

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Now that the fashion world has given Alessandro Michele the rise of the apotheosis movement, it's becoming a bit more intense, and it's hard to avoid wondering if he's really that good? Objectively speaking, even if you don't like GUCCI's flowery, full-bodied aesthetic, you have to admit that when you walk into a store, you can flip into embroidered jackets or dresses piled up with prints. This full-bodied design is not Micheli's first, but it's no doubt. Ask in GUCCI these two years big red purple, now Gucci bag sales are getting higher and higher, like it more and more people. Maybe many people do not know if there is a code for GUCCI purse, where is the code for gucci purse? The next section focuses on gucci purse code.…
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Gucci also began to cut prices in China.

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In response to the country's import tariff reduction policy, Gucci confirmed today that it will adjust the retail prices of all direct retail outlets in mainland China, including new and classic models, by an average of 5%, a move that will attract more Chinese consumers to spend in the region. It is noteworthy that on Friday its rival Louis Vuitton also cut prices of some of its products on China's official website and offline stores by about 300 to 1500 yuan, or between 3% and 5%. Hermes also announced recently that it has adjusted the retail price of some products in the Chinese market, with a reduction of about 100 to 500 yuan, covering accessories such as belts, wallets, scarves and some styles of women's wear. Now, China is undoubtedly…
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Ferragamo hopes the new CEO could bright Gucci’s future

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Italy's luxury shoe brand Salvatore Ferragamo announced yesterday that Micaela Le Divelec was appointed as the new CEO. Micaela Le Divelec joined Gucci in 1998 and resigned as senior vice president and chief consumer officer in March. During Gucci's 20-year tenure, Micaela Le Divelec went through many ups and downs with Gucci, and in 2014 concurrently served as chief executive of Gucci's Italian porcelain brand Richard Ginori to help rebuild the brand. In fact, Micaela Le Divelec joined Salvatore Ferragamo as CEO and Strategic Manager as early as the end of April. Analysts say the veteran Micaela Le Divelec will be a lifesaver for Salvatore Ferragamo in times of crisis.
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Gucci’s sales will exceed LV’s

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Gucci grew by more than 30% for six consecutive quarters, and a growing number of investment analysts questioned whether its parent company, Kai Yun Group, was "desperate" for long-term stability. Jean-Francois Palus, chairman and CEO of Kaiyun Group, responded in a conference call after yesterday's earnings report that future revenue growth is not just dependent on Gucci. Alexander McQueen will be a "star brand" focused on following Balenciaga's success in the first half of the year has confirmed its enormity. Growth potential. Other luxury brands, including Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, continued to lose money in the luxury men's wear brand Brioni, with sales rising 36.5% to 986 million euros in the six months to June 30 from a year earlier and 34.7% in the second quarter, according to fashion headlines.…
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Gucci’s layout in Chinese market

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According to the first half of the financial year, in recent years the vibrant Gucci has surpassed Hermes in terms of revenue. On July 26, French local time, the parent company of Gucci Kaiyun Group released its mid-2018 earnings report. Statistics show that Gucci's annual sales rose 44.1% to 3.853 billion euros in the first half of this year, up from 43% in the same period of last year, while its operating profit rose 62.1% to 1.47 billion euros, with an operating profit margin reaching a record high of 38.2%. Sales in the second quarter rose 40% to 19.9 billion from a year earlier, which has been Gucci's six consecutive quarters to maintain more than 35% sales growth. Apart from Gucci taking the lead, Kai Yun's other luxury brands also…
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Gucci has created an experimental space for new retailtimes

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Unlike traditional luxury stores, which are clearly grouped by category, Gucci has kitchen, living room, cinema area and other different areas. The design of the store is very retro gorgeous, and there are many unique brand elements. Red brick walls, baggage trucks, bare pipes, drugstore racks, vintage-style sofas, screens, seats and other antique furniture, hand-painted flooring patterns by Italian artists, etc., look more like a museum of antique furniture, an art gallery displaying the works of independent artists, or a chic for casual chat. Gather the ground. Obviously, consumption is not the ultimate goal of this store, creating special experience. Gucci hopes to create a relaxed shopping environment where customers can stay, relax, discover new things and enjoy their time in the Gucci store.
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Luxury brand official WeChat account

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Every year, more and more brands are opening online shopping on the official website. Moreover, luxury brands are exploring more and more digital sales and services step by step, gradually extending from a single channel to a multi-channel, and then to the era of all channels, that is, we are always talking about "new retail", but this road is far away. Also unknown, everyone is feeling the stones across the river, so today we will expand our eyes to more than the official website platform. The reason why Wechat platform is chosen as the main battlefield of this report is very simple: Wechat users are the most extensive, with natural social attributes, open interfaces can link to official websites and brand widgets and other applications, official brand Weixin account has…
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