Luxury brand official WeChat account

Every year, more and more brands are opening online shopping on the official website. Moreover, luxury brands are exploring more and more digital sales and services step by step, gradually extending from a single channel to a multi-channel, and then to the era of all channels, that is, we are always talking about “new retail”, but this road is far away. Also unknown, everyone is feeling the stones across the river, so today we will expand our eyes to more than the official website platform.

The reason why Wechat platform is chosen as the main battlefield of this report is very simple: Wechat users are the most extensive, with natural social attributes, open interfaces can link to official websites and brand widgets and other applications, official brand Weixin account has become a brand image display, event release, information synchronization, customer relations. Maintaining the most important platform is also the most important position for the brand to implement O2O full channel marketing at present.

Mystery visitors are familiar to every retailer. I personally designed the Entity Store Mystery Visitor Questionnaire of the service brand. But nowadays, when customers have not entered the Entity Store, or for those who do not have the Brand Store in the city, Weixin Platform has become their product with the brand. The most direct channel to generate connections.

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