Gucci’s layout in Chinese market

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According to the first half of the financial year, in recent years the vibrant Gucci has surpassed Hermes in terms of revenue. On July 26, French local time, the parent company of Gucci Kaiyun Group released its mid-2018 earnings report. Statistics show that Gucci's annual sales rose 44.1% to 3.853 billion euros in the first half of this year, up from 43% in the same period of last year, while its operating profit rose 62.1% to 1.47 billion euros, with an operating profit margin reaching a record high of 38.2%. Sales in the second quarter rose 40% to 19.9 billion from a year earlier, which has been Gucci's six consecutive quarters to maintain more than 35% sales growth. Apart from Gucci taking the lead, Kai Yun's other luxury brands also…
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